ES File Explorer Pro APK

Hey, are you a android user? Then welcome to this website. We will introduce a very useful APK for all android users.

Did you people use android? Almost 75 people out of 100 use android operating system device. The google has great role for getting android popular. All the android phone is powered by google apps.

Google is the largest technology organization for smartphones. Then why we get sufficient feature for apps? If you are a regular android user then it should feet too.

There are many sufficient feature for different niches. But in this article we will talk about a file manager that will help you a lot for storage analyses and more. But first let us talk about why you don’t have many features?

ES File Explorer Pro APK

ES File Explorer Pro APK

Android has limited feature - Why?

The feature that you can get on varites of device. It totally depends on your device company. Some company give many feature on File Manager or some even don’t give default file manager on device.

If you ask why? Because the devices are made by developers. If a company don’t invest money to developer they will not give more feature on file manager.. That is why you don’t get. But you get many file manager features by system update.

How can I get File Manager Features by update?

After launching a phone on market, the device manufacturer get the feedback. Then they implement that should give to users. They implement the fault on next upcoming devices.

But what will be for old phone? So they give the features through system update. If the device user update it, he will get new features. Not only for features, you can update system for bugs of device. But most of the company don’t give system update.

Why you will not get system update on your device?

The reason is very simple. If a company want to give new feature on old device they have to hire some developers. They will pay the developers for making update.

As your device is old and you already brought it, it means if they don’t give update you can’t do anything. They will invest money and time for upcoming devices. So some device don’t get system update.

Some smartphone companies like Xiaomi, Samsung, OnePlus, etc give system update for long time. But for non-branded phones, it is not possible.

How can you get a good File Manager without system update?​

Yes, lets talk about the main topic. In play store, there are many file manager available. Some of them have good features but some don’t. You may don’t get all good and necessary features in one File Manager. So lets introduce ES File Explorer Pro Apk.

Why to use ES File Explore​r Pro Apk?

You should use pro version instated of Free version of ES File Explorer Pro Apk. The reason is free version has limited features. Evern the free version is better than dafult system file managers, the pro make is awesome. The price is not so high as compare to feature. It is a value of money App for every user.

I have detail about most of feature of pro version. If you want to use these purchase the pro version now. If you don't want o buy the premium version, its ok. I will give you it for free in this page.

APK Name

ES File Explorer





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What is the best File Manager Apk for android?

The best File Manager Apk is ES File Explorer. This app is free and easy to use. You can compare this app with any file manager on the market. 9 android experts out of 10 suggest to download Es File Explorer file manager. I have used many file manager, so I can suggest to install ES File Explorer too.

Features of ES File Explorer Pro APK​​​​​​​


Usually, our default file manager has no separate media folder for Images, Videos or Music. But in ES File Explorer, it provides an option to see how many Images, Videos, etc. appears in your device. This will show you the folders where your media file saved.


We all use different types of apps like WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, etc. We may want to know what permissions it takes for a particular app. You can check the permission details very quickly.


This is the best feature we think for ES File Explorer Pro Apk. After using this app, you will not feel to use any other cleaning app. The cleaning feature is coming on it by default.

Recycle Bin

May you listen "Recycle Bin" word on computer or laptop, right? If you delete any file and in any case, you want to get it back, you can quickly restore deleted files from the Recycle Bin folder. The same technology applies here.

You can restore any file but if you delete through ES File Explorer Pro Apk.


Let's say you have a critical and personal file on your device. You don't want to share this with anyone. But your relatives or friends use your device. Then you can hide any data through this app.

System Hidden Files:

Some system files can not be open or not shown on our file manager. But you can access them all by ES File Explorer Pro Apk.

Music Player

This is not a critical feature, but we can add this on the list. Which file manager provides Music Player? But ES File Explorer provides. By this, you can set a piece of music or audio as ringtone directly.

Card Analyst:

If you use this feature, you can see all the folder with storage uses. This will show the high size folder first then one by one it will list low size folder. This is very useful for analyzing which folder consume more space.

File Protect:

If you want to protect a file by adding a password, you can do it quickly. ES File Explorer will modify your data and add a password. You can open the data only by the giving password.

But the condition is, you have to access the file through this app. The data will not work on another file manager. You can unprotect the file and then access it on another file manager.


The file compressor is the feature of why people use this app. Usually, the system doesn't have feature for compress files on zipping or 7z. But you can do it by ES File Explorer Pro Apk.


The app also offers to extract any zip or 7z files. This feature is also not available on default file manager.

Extension Change:

If you want to change a file extension like png to jpg, you can do by ES File Manager Pro Apk.


You can change the subject of ES File Explorer Pro Apk. This feature is available only on the pro version. It will make the app more attractive.

There are many features on ES File Explorer. All the features description is not possible. You can access many more bu using it. More features are coming on upcoming versions.

Where can you get ES File Explorer Pro Apk?

You can get ES File Explorer Pro Apk by clicking the download bottom below. You will get the latest version. Keep on mind, and the latest version is only available on our website

Download ES File Explorer Pro APK (Android):

1 First Step

Click on Download Page button below.

2 Next Step

Scroll down and find Download button again.

3 Next Step

Click on Download button on the page.

4 Next Step

Click on download button. If you don't see the download button, you can skip this step.

5 Final Step

Click on Ok button.

Install ES File Explorer Pro APK (Android):

1 First Step

Open Download folder or open the folder where you download the APK file. The APK file extension is .apk

2 Next Step

Click on the APK file or try to open it.

3 Next Step

Click on setting option. If you don't see setting option you can skip this step.

4 Next Step

Give access to unknown sources install permission. Skip if you don't get the options.

5 Next Step

Click on install button wait wait sometime.

6 Final Step

Click on Done button.

Note: Uninstall the previous ES File Explorer APK from your device. If you can restart the device once.

Use of Es File Explorer Pro APK

Use of Library

Hope you download the APK and install it successfully on your adnroid device. Open the App from app drawer.Swipe left to right side to open the menu. There you can see lots of tabs like favorite, local, networ. There you will get another tab Library. Hopefully it appears on 3rd number.

When you click on library tab you can see five sub menu opens. The sub menus are images, music, movies, documents an App. You can use the options for particle file analysis and access.

If you click on the images option. You can see all the images of your device. The images will show with folder. You can use it as a gallary App. You can analyse all the photos. Es File Explorer offers a image viewer inbuild.

As the same method, you can analyse music files. When you click on music option all themusic will show on your device.

Then you can check movies option for video access or analyse. The documents option will provide the document file access. Some example of document files are txt, pdf, docs, etc.

At the last option is APP. Here you can see all the Apps on your device. If you download any App from playstore or from 3rd party source and installed. All of them will show here. The benefit of the file manager is it shows all the system Apps.

Use of Cleaner

If your device performance is low or the device is old or you have a low-end device, the cleaner feature will help a lot. ES File EXplorer Pro APK offers a inbuild cleaner syatem. The cleaner feature will help you to clean all junk files, thumbnail files, emoty folder and some unuse files.

By cleaner option, you can clean all the unnessery files by just a click. So, how to use cleaner feature?

Open the App first. Then swipe right from left to open the menu. Then click on Tools tab. After click, you can see lots of submenu comes. There you can get a option call Cleaner.

When you click on the option, it will take some loading. At this time, it scan all the unnesessry files from your device.

When scan is complete, you can see some apps that takes your device storage, some junk files, etc. Select the items you want to delete. Then click on Clean Now button.

SD Card Analyst

The full form of SD card is Secure Digital card. When you install a secondary memory like 2GB, 4GB, 32 GB, etc memory that is a SD card. Some device defalt file manager does not support SD card access. Or if it support, you can't acces much feature.

The ES FIle Explorer offers to analyse SD card. To use it, open the App. Swipe left to right to open menu. Click on the tools section and the on the SD Card Analyst. It may requires a permission, give access.

After some loading, you you can see all the folders on your SD card. The highest size folder will place on first. On the down right side the total space shows, then used space on middle and at right side available space shows. You can access any file on SD card here.

Change of Theme

If you feel bore, change the App theme. I am sure no file manager will offer to customize the theme. ES File Explorer Pro APK is customizable as you want. You can completely change the App appearence.

Open the App and swipe left to right side. Click on Theme option on the down side. Click on the edit icon on the right uper side. There you can change background color, set background image, change text color, the style of folder icon, set diferent layout, etc. There are lots of thng you can do. The art is infront of you just need an artist you self.

Remote Manager

Remote Manager is a awesome feature. If you tranfer files to computer gegularly by the USB cable, then it is enough. Now time to do some smart work. You can tranfer files without connect USB cable to computer.

At first, turn on device hotspot. You don't need to turn on internet connection. Then connect the device with desktop wifi. Check the desktop is connect to device by wifi. Open ES File Explorer Pro APK on devcie. Swipe left to right to open menu. On the Network tab click on Remote Manager.

After opening Remote Manager option, click on Turn on button. Then you will get a address. The addres is like The addres may diferent for you.

Open chrome or any browser on the desktop. Click on the search bar and type the address ( Click on enter button. You can see many folder and files there. Look carefully all the folder and files are you device's. Click on folder to open. To download it click on any file.

The files may download on download folder of your PC. You can copy the file or move to another folder or driver. To turn off the file sharing acces, click on the Turn off button on your device.

Worning: Be sure another wifi is not connect or anyone can acess files. So make a strong password and connect with it on desktop.

Lots of feature comes on ES File Explorer Pro APK. You should download and use youself to see what it can do.

Uninstall ES File Explorer Pro APK:

01 First Step

Open device settings

02 Next Step

Click on Apps

04 Next Step

Find ES File Explorer and click on it.

05 Next Step

Click on Storage

06 Next Step

Click on clear cache and data. If confirmation message come click on OK.

07 Final Step

Go back and click on Uninstall button. If a confirmation message come click on OK.


Honestly saying ES File Explorer Pro APK is the best file manager App for android device. I am using this App for more than 6 months. My old samsung dedice is working fine after using ES File Explorer. It is a must have App for android users. I highly recommend to every android user to use the App. We are android users right? We have opportunity to install any App from 3rd party source. So why we don't use it? Lets go guys, do some smart word.

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Hey, I am using ES File Explorer pro since 2 months. I am really happy with that. My device file manager is not good. I want a best file manager that supports many features. After searching on Google and YouTube, I found this App. it is really awesome. I will use it on my new device. But It would be better for iOS devices.

The FAQ for ES File Explorer Pro APK

If ES File Explorer Pro APK ava​​​​​ilable for ios?

Sorry to say, we don't have APK file for ios devices. You can only use this App on any android device.

Is it save to use ES File Explorer?

ES File Explorer removed from Google Play Store due to notice some misuse activity. According to the developers of Google Play Store, using ES File Explorer is risk for your device, it steal some data. But if you use it on offline it is safe. Every time you use, just force stop the App. So some smart work to live smartly.

Can you usinstall ES File Explorer Pro APK?

Yes. Whenever you want do uninstall the App. It is completly on your control.

What is the system requirement for ES File Explorer Pro APK?

The mod version of ES FIle Explorer runs on most of android devices. We suggest to use it on minimium of 1 GB RAM, 8 GB ROM and android 4.1 android version or above devices.

Should you ive credit to us?

No. We don't force anyone for credit. We just help people who can't afford Pro version of any App. If you want to give credit to us, just share us with your friends. Thanks